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?Consumer Behavior



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Consumer Behavior offers a practical approach to help students apply consumer behavior principles to their studies in business and marketing. This multi-disciplinary field can tempt both students and instructors to stray from the basic business principles they should take away from the course. The authors keep students focused on consumer decision making as it applies specifically to an overall understanding of business theory and practices through the CDP (Consumer Decision Process) model. The book sets out to explore why as well as how consumers make specific decisions and behave in certain ways—what motivates them, what captures their attention, and what retains their loyalty, turning “customers” into “fans” of an organization.

Key Features

1.Case studies: Fifteen case studies of retailing and services companies from Asia,Europe, Africa, and the United States are台北牙齒美白 included in the text. Among them, Amazon and Facebook are two cases that introduce students to consumer behavior on the Internet.

2.Bayesian analysis: This concept has been around for several centuries, but has recently gained widespread interest among marketers so it has been included in Chapter 2, “Creating Customer-Centric Organizations”.

3.“Buyer Beware”: This feature, found in all chapters, focuses on educating readers about how to be better consumers, as well as how to do a better job in analyzing and influencing consumer behavior.

4.Branding: A wide coverage of brand strategies and the creation of brand equity are included in the text, including the strategies of turning customers into “fans.” These topics are receiving increasing attention among marketers.


Roger D. Blackwell
現職:Florida International University

Paul W. Miniard
現職:Florida International University

James F. Engel
現職:Eastern University

Pai Di-ching
現職:Tamkang University,台北植牙 Taiwan

Norjaya Mohd. Yasin
現職:Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Wan Jooria Hood
現職:Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia


?Consumer Behavior


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